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Dude this made me shit myself with hilarity, congratulations on the front page, you deserved it! :D

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...... holy..... fuck.... that was the weirdest thing I've seen on NewGrounds in my entire life... well you got me satisfied, so for that, 5/5 :D

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Great animation ya got there! :D

I used to really hate the arrow to the knee reference... but then i took a quick look at your cartoon and I have to say I hate the phrase even more. this is an amazing cartoon, keep up the awesome work.

PS: shouting in voice acting is still voice acting at the end of the day. Just because it's shouting, that means there's no emotion? Voice acting IS emotional speech, Anger is an emotion, therefore don't listen to most people who don't have a clue about voice acting... and I'm sure you do anyways, so I shall quit my rant whilst I can :)

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This is a great game :)

I've onlt got ONE REALLY SMALL adjustment (not sure whether this is a bug or if it was intentional) but I noticed you can change the quality from high to low using the mouse, however when that happens, the radio buttons in the game don't show the change, and even then the radio buttons don't even work for me.

I couldn't honestly care though because the game made it for me, it was actually really addictive for me xD You sir get a 5 from me, despite the buttons :3 Keep up the good work :D

asitgames responds:


I love it, it's just

too confusing. I've enver gotten around what you're supposed to do on these games, somebody help me out, cus I like the idea, i love the drawings and the sounds, and the battle sequences... just I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to play these games.

none the less, good job xD

ok, wow

this was actually pretty intensifying! loved every bit of it! it's kind of ridiculous how a shark can pull down such a huge plane, but fuck it, doesn't have to be realistic! all in all:

Graphics: 10 / 10 (everything seemed so dazzling and smooth)

Sound: 10 / 10 great music at the menu, it's catchy :P also the in game music pretty much suits it

Gameplay: 10 / 10 (simple enough controls to get used to, an doesn't over complicate things)

Overall: 10 / 10 awesome game man, keep it up :P

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