Entry #119

Five Nights At Freddy's LP!

2014-08-17 12:15:41 by diamond-armada

This Game... Totally creepy...

SO I decided to LP this for the DAGames channel, come check it out below if you like watching people shit their shorts ;)

Keep Updated! o0 WIll Ryan 0o



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2014-08-18 00:02:23

I like the style, its different from what I normally see. However I'm not here to watch you smoke (Joke or not).
Whats going on with the video anyways? I'm leaning my head to the right so its level, I try not to do it and it happens anyways XD While doing it I end up focusing on the moving background...

diamond-armada responds:

Haha I guess that was a little too far to be honest, testing levels, didn't really think anybody would watch to be honest, since I used to be pretty big, and now I've been abandoned xD

Also, true true, I understand the camera angles and the distracting background, but I just wanted to be different to every other LPer, just testing different styles, cus I don't really wanna do the whole standard that's really become, I wanna be a little different to most LPers, whilst getting the same feeling. As I say, a little experiment, hoping to change a few things around ;)