Entry #111

New Let's Play Series "DAGames".

2014-01-24 20:25:26 by diamond-armada

Hey NewGrounds, how've ya been? Good? Good, for you see, I am also doing good, Do you wanna know why? Shut up I'm getting there! I have a new Let's Play series started up, known as "DAGames". Currently, two episodes are up and running, kicking off this series with a very well known game that we've all become acustomed to... Super Mario 3D World! Here's the two episodes so far:

  This is the start of a new LP series and hope that you can like, subscribe, share with your family, your friends, your dog, give the guy some love for trying folks <:) As usual I will continue to upload videos as regularly as I can, however work schedule is a pain in the tits, and I have a Dell Laptop, so again I will TRY to upload more frequently, but for now, two episode of the great game Super Mario 3D World are now online, and hope you can enjoy! Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o


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2014-01-24 22:25:52

dat series


2014-01-25 00:33:25

v--dat multi-posts


2014-01-25 00:43:02

a fellow lets player!!! Hi!!! Good luck with the series! Comin from you it is already a hit!


2014-01-25 03:41:44

dat icon