Entry #108

Skype Reality Now Online!

2013-02-11 12:42:37 by diamond-armada

Hello one and all! Well, it;s been a while working on this (It really shouldn't have been a while since even though this is the hardest one I've done, it should be generally easy to do), but the next in the Reality series is now online... Introducing "Skype Reality"

Skype Reality

I know it's not a Pokemon cartoon, or a Game Grumps cartoon, but honestly?... Just no... Anyway, here's a take on the widely recognized Chat and call system "Skype" :D Special thanks to Alison Bowley (Wife to Eddie Bowley from Eddache, DUUH), for providing the girl voice in the cartoon :)

Keep Updated! o0 WIll Ryan

Skype Reality Now Online!


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2013-02-11 16:37:04

No PKMN or GG? I'm not disappointed. We get enough of those... daily.

diamond-armada responds:

Absolutely agreed xD


2013-03-10 05:39:53

Hah, loved Skype Reality, and now that I've seen the others, same goes for them. Will be checking through your whole backlog of animations and following on NG and all that good shit. :P