2010 Submissions

Lazy Birthday, Lazyfeet! Lazy Birthday, Lazyfeet! Rated Stars Several birthday wishes for our artist, LazyFeet! Spam A Diamond Armada Xmas! A Diamond Armada Xmas! Rated Stars This Christmas, Santa arrives at Will's house... what ever could happen? Comedy - Original Is that... Barry Scott?! Is that... Barry Scott?! Rated Stars What would ever happen to barry scott if he wasnt doing adverts? this is what! Comedy - Parody Is that.. Mario & Luigi?! Is that.. Mario & Luigi?! Rated Stars Have you ever wondered what Mario and Luigi look like when not famous? well here they are! Comedy - Parody a RE-UNdead christmas a RE-UNdead christmas Rated Stars puff goes around toronto and talks about the true meaning of christmas Comedy - Original Once Upon a What?! Once Upon a What?! Rated Stars Today, Diamond Armada shares a story to you all... a... bizarre one at that! Comedy - Original Randomonium Episode One! Randomonium Episode One! Rated Stars Randomonium! Where there's random, there's obscure youtube references... which pinch back! Comedy - Original A ComiX Halloween! A ComiX Halloween! Rated Stars The Season is here, and Gordon and Ian aren't Pleased! Comedy - Original Spongebob SquareDUB Two! Spongebob SquareDUB Two! Rated Stars The Sequal to Spongebob DUB One! Spongebob and patrick are camping... what next? Spongebob SquareDUB! Spongebob SquareDUB! Rated Stars Spongebob and Patrick seem to have gotten off the wrong side of the DUB today! Awesome Invaders! Awesome Invaders! Rated Stars What is Egoraptor did Space Invaders? Comedy - Original ComiX: Clock Day Two! ComiX: Clock Day Two! Rated Stars Another ComiX clock day Special, yu didnt get enough Ian in the other! ComiX: Clock Day Special! ComiX: Clock Day Special! Rated Stars A little clock day cartoon, ComiX style! Comedy - Parody Sprite A Day: Funeral Sprite A Day: Funeral Rated Stars Sorry..... ComiX Episode Three! ComiX Episode Three! Rated Stars Is World of Warcraft really all that it's cracked up to be? Gordon and Ian Find out! Comedy - Original Sprite A Day: 15 Sprite A Day: 15 Rated Stars Wario Sprite A Day: 11 Sprite A Day: 11 Rated Stars DAY 11 Sprite A Day: 10 Sprite A Day: 10 Rated Stars DAY 10 Sprite A Day: 9 Sprite A Day: 9 Rated Stars DAY 9 When Fanboys Collide Two! When Fanboys Collide Two! Rated Stars Diamond Armada makes a return from march to bring a sequal to a successful short series! CAF:AttackoftheFurniture CAF:AttackoftheFurniture Rated Stars Like a 1950s B movie, this doesn't suck! Comedy - Original ComiX Episode Two! ComiX Episode Two! Rated Stars The duo are back, and this time they got a little more trouble on their backs! ComiX Episode One! ComiX Episode One! Rated Stars You have been told, you have been shown pictures, now you see the first episode of ComiX! ComiX Title Sequence! ComiX Title Sequence! Rated Stars A new Series as risen! a Title Sequence has been made. What awaits for this series?